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Content Management Solutions (CMS)


Ovation Marketing can provide several content management solutions for your business or organisation. These solutions are selected for their performance online, stability, extensibility and reliability. 

Content Management Options

  • Wordpress, perfect for a number of applications originally designed for news and blogging. 
  • Drupal is fantastic, but for more experienced users as this can be user restrictive.  
  • Also pagelime and cushy CMS options. 

Ovation Marketing prefer to encourage the user friendly Conrete5 platform which is perfect for our small and medium sized customers and allows for easy and regular update, it's as simple and writing an email and that is why is works so well. 


Speak to us about your needs, expectations and budget, we can help you. 0333 12345 34. 

Does your company need a website with a Content Management System? 

Most companies will offer one or 2 options and then sell you the one they want you to have. Ovation Design listen to your needs and then make recommendations, we'll never talk you into the wrong content management system.

The first questions you must ask yourself are: 

  1. Do you need your website updating weekly? 
  2. Do you want to run promotions every month? 
  3. Do you want to have control of the content on your website? 

Sometimes you might not actually need a CMS system but just access to certain pages and not the full website. Ovation design can demonstrate 5 or 6 CMS options and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of each. 


“Ovation Marketing keep our website moving with the times, they make it easy for us to up date and are always on hand to assist if we need them, thank you.”

Jim Gill, Strictly Fly Fishing

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