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Although we are Norwich based logo designers, we work both locally and internationally.

MinkyLove decided to rebrand and approached us from their base in Cornwall. We created around 8 variations but the two favoured ideas are shown, with the final design being without the babies face. 

We guided Rachel this way as her company is grown fast and is diversifying it's product offering to include adult items. 

Good logo design is based on easy recognition and often simplicity. It must communicate your ethos and professionalism. 

Our approach with Rachel's brief was to include the softness, without including the image of the baby in the final choice. The final colour tones were selected by Ovation, but we were guided from brief submission by Rachel.


“I'm blown away. I had no idea what I wanted or what to expect but these are amazing. To say I love them is an understatement! These two are my favourite but I'm thinking without 'handmade in cornwall'. Thank you for doing this for me, I'm truly grateful.”

Rachel Brown, SniggleLove Brand - Cornwall

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